Why You Need a Mechanic to Check Over a Used Car Before You Buy

If you got the relevant information about the market value of your desired car that does not mean your work is over. Your car needed to be examined by a professional. The mechanic will be able to inform you the exact condition of the car and the required estimate for its repairing. After going through a test drive, you have finally decided the model and make of the car you are going to buy. After considering the model and make of the car, go through the complete list of cars that you are having. Select one or two cars as your final selection. If your mechanic approves your selection then get ready to buy your car. Your selected vehicle required some deposit from you. You must take certain precautions before giving them check. On the check write down,’ Deposit is refundable, as it is dependent on the approval of the mechanic.’

Take the vehicle and call the seller for a drive.Suppose the seller wants to have a private transportation. In such situation, pay half amount of the bill. It is possible to get private transportation and that too at a lower cost, if your mechanic arranges the transportation. You must inform your mechanic, if your vehicle is currently registered. You should call the seller at your garage in the presence of mechanic. If the seller is not ready on this arrangement then you must stop dealing with him. If the seller is acting in this manner that means there is something suspicious. The seller very well knew that your mechanic would catch the problem in the vehicle. Therefore, you must be a little alert while dealing in such situations.

The Professional Check

A professional check by a mechanic is the significant step you are taking while purchasing the car. You can avoid many troubles that may occur without an active participation from the mechanic. You must check thoroughly the title certificates or damages due to any accident, the vehicle had met in past. Before buying a used car, it must be examined thoroughly by a mechanic. You can save a lot of money by this initial examination from your mechanic. The complete review of the mechanical aspects of the car will cost you around $50 to $150. The used car always require a little bit of repairing. These small faults may cause big damages to you later. Mechanic is the only person who can give you the exact condition of the car. He could also give you an estimate of the amount that is needed for repairing. While negotiating the price, this report will help you a lot. Try to avoid a bargain-priced car. The Bargain-priced car demands a lot of work. It can be a bad experience for you. The experienced wholesalers of cars often lose a lot of money.

Mechanic Search

The mechanic plays an important role while buying the used car. You must start the professional check with a mechanic. However, if you are not getting then get him as early as possible. Take care not to waste time in looking for mechanic. Search a dealer or an independent garage that specializes in that particular model you are buying. It would be better, if you ask in your neighborhood or with your friends. It would be best, if someone had already dealt with that particular mechanic or dealer. It also need visit by you on different shops and dealers. Try to analyze their behavior and their specialization of the model. After getting the mechanic, you must treat him/her politely. This one person can save a lot of your hard-earned money. Moreover, he will give you the accurate condition of your vehicle.

Inspection of Your Selection

After doing the final selection, take it to your mechanic. He will give you the accurate condition and estimate of the vehicle. You can help the mechanic a lot by giving him all the documents regarding the vehicle. For Instance, the complete maintenance receipts and documents. These documents will help the mechanic in judging the accurate estimate and condition of the vehicle. A car with good billing records means it had gone through a proper maintenance. Thus, it is quite possible that it is a good car to buy. The documents must be checked thoroughly. The documents should belong to the selected car, from the same owner and the same area. Mechanic must be informed, if you find the documents for the repairing of same items more than once. You must ask your seller regarding this. Inquire the seller, if there are inconsistencies in maintenance records. This shows the attitude of the seller. All claims by the seller must be written down in document form. Such as, repairs, fitness of the vehicle and prospective repairs.

You must ask for all the repairs needed by the car and the estimate cost of repairing. All these things must be done, while the vehicle is in garage. Many tests needed to be done by your mechanic. For Instance, battery and charging tests, frame inspection, alignment and suspension check, fluid leakage inspection and brake inspection. The performance of engine and transmission could be tested by a test drive. There are certain areas where the emission inspection is important. If you reside in such an area then go for that test also. Do not forget to ask the way to tackle problems regarding the vehicle in future. Collect information about the selected vehicle, along with general information about the model. You can easily get the sales contract of automobiles at most of the office supply stores. If the official there demands for a cash or certified check then take him to the bank along with you. Do the final transaction at bank. On the sales agreement and any other sales tax form, both of you must sign correctly.

The Title Certificates

Be aware

If the vehicle has been totaled, flooded, or branded then the title must show this. It is a requirement of many states. Several states re-inspect or re-title the branded vehicle after passing the inspection. You can also hide the previous history of the branded vehicle by registering it to the state that allows such practices. The owner will receive a new title after both the actions.

It is a well-known fact that the older titles cannot be exhibited as a perfect car. Suppose the original owner of the vehicle has bought it from the insurance company and repaired it fully. The Original title would not b able to reflect all this. The title of the vehicle must be considered carefully. Check the date of issue of the documents. Cross check the used vehicle with the latest brand of the same model and inquire fully. The original owner often makes excuses that he had lost the originals of the vehicle.

The owner can make several other excuses. Such as, a need of co-owner, holder had been removed, or the owner is not an original owner. In such situations, you must act intelligently. Ask the owner for copy of the old title, bill of sale, completed and dated request form for title.

A Complete History of Vehicle

You can save yourself from a bigger trouble by considering an Experian Auto check Report. You must order this check for the used vehicle you are considering. This check is meant to save you from a used car with hidden and costly problems. It is having a database of 15 billion records, comprising of around 330 million vehicles. Thus, it offers protection against odometer fraud, salvaged vehicles, lemon cars and several unknown problems. There is a unique VIN number for US registered vehicle. The Experian find details about the history of vehicle using this number. You will get the complete report of the vehicle on your computer screen.

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